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Vapor Blasting is an environmentally friendly, wet abrasive blasting method

Vapor Blasting is an excellent alternative to traditional sandblasting, meeting all OSHA respirable crystalline silica rules, helping you avoid regulations and hefty fines while protecting your employees.

Advanced Surface Preparation for use in Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, Power Plants (including live fuel lines), Aerospace and more!
We can remove paint on a large job site without containment and while keeping you open and in business! We have removed parking stripes while cars are still safely parking a few feet away.
We remove rust on play structures, water parks, slides, cars and heavy equipment. Vapor Blasting removes rust and paint in one step so there is less work to do and it is a lot faster method to use.
Vapor Blasting can pinpoint areas where only the corrosion is occurring. We use wet abrasive blasting with a rust inhibitor which prevents flash rust.
  • Warning!

    Do you know the OSHA "Respirable Crystalline Silica" rules? Avoid regulations and hefty fines!

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  • Environmentally Conscience

    New clean and green way of rust remediation, paint removal and corrosion control!

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  • Automotive

    Remove paint, rust, and all coatings in one step to cut the time of the job in half!

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  • FAQ

    How does it work? Is it safe for metal? Is it safe for wood? Why is it better then traditional sandblasting? What else can it be used on?

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  • About Mark & HiTech

    Founded in 1999 with over 30 years experience, family based business HiTech Painting was started so...

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